When does enough really become enough? when does one finally put a stop to the abuse that they so desperately crave, realizing this is no good for me? Why so often do the ones who play victim so much, constantly crying in earnest how u wronged them be the same ones constantly picking at the very sinew that makes the feelings woven into your soul.?

I don’t know? because maybe its called Karma? You probably deserved it…. or not but some fucked up people will have you think that way. Why does one egg on the lion smacking the cage of the beast with any torment possible to ruffle the main getting the goat of the great feline till at mercy of the claws and teeth!

Beast or bitch? I mean do u take it? do u listen to the taunting of the parasitic leech? or does the bigger animal go against the primal instinct of nature refrain from becoming the gorilla on is known to become and walk away?

I say fuck the bull shit, the cops, medical bills, lawyers, phony ass police, the lies a wretched wench can spew, and go hamm! fuck it! yolo! if only u could be the bully u know u can be. I mean shit, I hoe is a hoe, and a spade is a spade.

I detest the idea of anything that resembles remotely anything close to the fibers that make up her being!

But I love her…. wtf… shove me then cry foul! kiss me bitch! don’t leave me…. I mean am I the bad guy or did the weaker unit pick a fight? don’t leave me psycho I need to graze on the electricity¬†¬† that pulses from your ora of dysfunction.

you live a lie! I see the serpent retreat into you mouth as you babble on your hatred and deceit!

Truth comes to light, night becomes day, fakes found out, and evil shall be slain! the good lord watches out for the saved and shall wash the filth away from this world!

no life jacket for you! no safety boat, no raft, i wash my hands! when the rooster crows you will see only my back… the silowette of a man deturmined to escape against the bright light of the morning sun!

(this is all to be read in the voice of the story teller in the movie 300)